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Anime Syracuse 2013

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 3, 2013, 9:07 AM
Anime Syracuse has come and gone again, so time to recap it! 8D

Friday NSementelli came out to see me and we went to the mall, then headed back to my place to watch RWBY (I got him into a show, yay!) and just chill. Pretty typical stuff, really.


I dressed as Rei Ayanami and Nick dressed as Shinji Ikari and we hit the con! This year Nick brought Pen-pen with him, as well as a file folder that he put the NERV logo onto, so he was much more easily recognized. c: We started the day in the Voice Actor Q&A panel with Alexis Tipton, Bryan Massey, and Cherami Leigh. Had a lot of laughs there, of course, then headed to the dealer's room for some browsing. We grabbed lunch at around noon, and got in line for the Voice Actor Autographs. Unfortunately, I guess the timing was off or something, so we ended up skipping it to instead attend the Cosplay Dating Game. Faaaar too many laughs were had there, mostly at the expense of the hosts. xD

Hung out for another hour or so, then attended the Cosplay Contest--I took pictures but the majority of them turned out blurry unfortunately. Sucks because there were a lot of really awesome costumes this year!

We headed upstairs to a panel with Cherami and Alexis talking about... I'm honestly not quite sure what, exactly lol. Positivity and not letting life get you down and learning that Cherami Leigh is a crazy person in all the best ways might be the best way to sum it up.

After the panel was some more wandering, before we went to Bedtime Stories again! Oh man, JUST AS FUN AS LAST YEAR. 8D This year they ended up calling Todd Haberkorn and leaving him a really random voicemail. Also, sassy unicorns. It was A++.

Went home and Nick finally sat me down and made me watch Doctor Who, which I'm now hopelessly into--I've watched about a season and a half since Saturday night. We crawled into bed around midnight, got up and headed for the con again!


Dressed as Riku from KH2 which went over well, and Nick was Captain Jack Harkness which ALSO went over well. Our first stop was the Ask Sherlock panel, which was pretty funny even if I've never seen Sherlock and didn't really get all the context of what was happening.

We went upstairs to the game room after the panel, and Nick picked up Katamari for the first time ever, got himself into a tournament, then decided it was probably best to break for lunch because we weren't sure what time would be better for that (had a busy evening, even though we weren't hungry just then). We grabbed lunch, then split off for a couple of hours. I hung out outside (and possibly got myself into an AHWU video, we'll see on Monday), Nick went to watch something in the screening room.

By chance, met up again in the game room, where Nick was in the middle of a Katamari run that landed him third place on the leaderboard! 8D We headed to the Voice Actor Q&A for Sunday, had some laughs, left some voicemails, etc. Nick wanted to try to land first place in the Katamari tournament because money, so we went back up there with just about 30 minutes left in the tournament.

Then things got interesting.

The guy who had been in third place was playing to try to reclaim his spot, and about halfway through his match... the controller batteries died! The guy running the show came over and plugged in the controller, so the player restarted the round. Managed to have an excellent run and get himself into second place.

A friend of his who had never played before went next, doing actually very well for a very first attempt with the game, haha. Each round was eight minutes long, and so she finished with a little less than 10 minutes left in the tournament. Nick went next.

I was watching the clock, the scoreboard on the wall, and Nick's score as he passed the third place score... which was only a little bit behind the second place score. First place was about 10cm ahead of second, and with maybe 30 seconds left, Nick got himself into first place.

Needless to say, there was much cheering. 8D

So he won $20 and we hit the dealer's room and Nick got himself some very nice Evangelion figures--Asuka and Rei. c: Then we got in line for the Cosplay Dating Game 18+, which was a bucket of laughs. After that the con was over, so we headed back to my place, had some dinner, and then Nick took off for home again.

Overall a very good weekend! 8D

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